Who we are

Swiss rescue company was founded by two brothers – Daniel and Martin in Bratislava (2015) with the mission to teach general public how to give First Aid to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury before regular medical services arrive or can be reached. In case you are interested in learning more about our team, here we are:

Head of the company

Responsible for steering the company; acting in the field of financial services since 2006. A management board member currently located in Zürich and Vienna covering finance responsibilities in one of the biggest IT companies worldwide.

Lead Instructor

Experienced and responsible member of Slovak rescue system with almost 10years field experience. Since 2010 working on Emergency hotline as a call operator. During his rescue work career he even acted in Real-life TV series documenting the daily work-life of people working in integrated rescue services.

First Aid Instructor

The youngest member of our team, experienced in Intensive care unit services. Actively working in Emergency rescue services since 2008, currently acting as a Chief rescue worker in one of Emergency stations in Bratislava region.

First Aid Instructor

Good fellow with more than 10year experience in rescue services. Same as the rest of the team, he has been working in Emergency hotline, where he started in 2012.

First Aid Instructor

Our team nurse, currently working in a Private Hospital. During her long term medical career she held various jobs such as rescue worker, call operator and since her maternity leave return even as a hospital nurse.

First Aid Instructor

Self-confident and friendly rescue worker with long term rescue services experience (started in medical services in 2005). Since 2013 holding even the Chief call operator position in the Emergency hotline.